Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jon Oliva's Pain---Maniacal Renderings

MoTW---The Descent

Wow! Another year under our belts which means that the sun is another
year closer to slamming into the earth, killing whatever lifeform
happens to be inhabiting this planet at that time.

Makes me wonder why I didn't go out and drink till I almost passed out
this past Sunday. Instead, I lay on the couch watching a movie and
happened to look at the clock when it was 12:03 and then got completely
bummed for a split second as I realized that I had missed another
dropping of the ball.

I guess I could have taken it a step further and ventured into Detroit
for the festivities, but I wasn't in the mood to get shot. That would
have been a nice "Howdy-do!" I suppose, but also a bit painful.

I try to do something new every New Year's Day like last year when I
quit smoking and drinking for that one day. It made me proud that I was
able to do that and also proved that I wasn't an addict.

This year I was going to shave off my pubes with a straight razor but
decided against it when I noticed how close that sharp blade would be to
my johnson. So I decided that I would smoke but not enjoy it. So far, so
good and I've only got about four hours left in the day.

And that brings us to the list of my top ten albums of the year. In
previous years I've went well over ten and felt that was cheating in a
way, so this year I've decided to stick with ten (kind of). The best
thing was that out of all the new music that came out in '06, nothing
that I bought sucked which made the list kind of fun to do, at least to

So here goes, my list of the top ten albums of '06.
Laugh if you must, spit if you want, but don't mock.

10) Tool, "10,000 Days"

9) Muse, "Black Holes and Revelations"

8) The Sword, "Age of Winters"

7) Iron Maiden, "A Matter of Life and Death"

6) Jon Oliva's Pain, "Maniacal Renderings"

5) Leaves' Eyes, "Vinland Saga"

4) Cheap Trick, "Rockford"

3) Lacuna Coil, "Karmacode"

2) Celtic Frost, "Monotheist"

1) The Devin Townsend Band, "Synchestra"/Strapping Young Lad, "The
New Black" (ok, this is where I cheated but they're both fronted by
Devin Townsend so I grouped them together. Remember, my list etc., etc.)

The Who, My Chemical Romance, Into Eternity, Toto, Queensryche, Donnie
Iris, David Gilmour, Joan Jett, Meatloaf, Tom Petty, Drive By Truckers,
Nina Gordon, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wolfmother did not make my list
(obviously) but they all were quite good.

I must mention Therion's "Celebrators of Becoming" DVD set which is just
loaded with all sorts of goodies. Incredible musicians, incredible

Enjoy the new year, but remember: THE SUN IS INCHING CLOSER.

COMING NEXT: Fearless predictions for 2007!

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